Tips and Tricks for Puppy Training

There aren’t many things that are more fun than getting a puppy. But, the fun quickly dies once he’s destroyed one of your favorite pairs of shoes. However, most of it can be avoided if you can learn how to train your puppy the right way. Proper training will lead to a well mannored dog […]

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Training Your Family and Your Dog

So you’re getting (or have gotten) a new family member!  With a new dog comes new responsibilities. It is going to be up to you and the other members of your family to train, or perhaps teach is a better word, your dog the rules and regulations. You’re going to want him to learn specific commands and to […]

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Following A Schedule Of Puppy Care

Taking care of a new puppy can be quite a task. Not only must you ensure that your puppy is healthy, but you must teach it how to behave in your household. Luckily, you have natural help, since dogs already tend to be creatures that respond well to working out of habit. The way you […]

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How To Make Potty Training Puppies Simple

If you are planning on adding a new addition to your household in the form of a puppy, then you need to know that potty training puppies does not have to be hard. Instead, the proess can be quite simple as long as you get the right information in order to be able to train […]

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Leash Training Made Simple

With nicer weather coming, its a great time to get out there and enjoy some walks with your favorite pooch. Are your dog walks resembling a marathon – with you in 2nd place behind your dog? These tips are for you! Change Your Direction Abruptly changing the direction you’re heading in may be enough distraction […]

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Curb Dog from Jumping Unecessarily

One of the few annoying things in life is visiting a friend or family member only to have their dog jump all over you. This is a normal puppy habit that should right away be stopped in order to ensure yourself and your guests are not knocked over upon entering your home. Always remember that […]

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Dog Obedience Training

Three Principles on Dog Obedience Training Even dogs with some of the best well breeding or dogs that are well adapted to humans still need some basic obedience training, because these skills are not something they pick up on their own. To be successful in obedience training you need to understand the differences between effective […]

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Dog Obedience Training and Three Basic Rules

There are dog obedience training schools where dogs are trained to follow simple commands using three basic principles as the trainer’s guide.. Most dog training and dog behavior schools use these rules. They are the following: Principle One:Consistency. You must be consistent in the use of words, the tone of your voice and your actions, […]

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Simple Principles in Dog Obedience Training

Simple Principles in Dog Obedience Training Dogs, even when their breeding is maximized and well-adapted to human needs, will always need some basic obedience training as they would never figure this out on their own. Obedience training requires the use of some principles which differentiate effective training, from training without results. Principles to Learn: First […]

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Stop Dog Barking

Dear Mr. Katz, I have a two year-old female Boxer named Amber and a six year-old female St. Bernard named Crystal. My question is regarding the Boxer, Amber. Whenever my husband and I sit down to eat dinner, watch TV, or when company comes over, she incessantly barks at us. She doesn’t want to play […]

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