Commercial Dog Food


Article: Commercial Dog Food – Ten Realities You Must Know

Do you know what you’re putting in your dog’s dish everyday? Most dogs will eat almost anything that’s put in front of them and, just like humans, they are what they eat. Many now suffer from what are preventable diseases…did you know that 46% of all dogs die of cancer, 40% are overweight and scores […]

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How do you make homemade dog food?

Question by Aaron: How do you make homemade dog food? I am pretty satisfied with commercial dog food and I have no problem sticking with it, but I would just like to know how to make nutritional homemade dog food. My dogs are a golden retriever, beagle, and dachshund if that information is needed. I […]

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What Are The Advantages Of a Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

Who wouldn’t want to have a dog in their life? They make really great companions. But most dog owners don’t give very much though on what to feed their dogs, usually turning to commercial dog food to feed their pets. There are of course advantages to commercial dog food, one being convenience, however, if you […]

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Want Your Dog to Be Healthy? Here Are The Dog Food Secrets

  Are you sure that you are giving your pet dog what it deserves? Are you sure that the dog food that you give to your pet dog is healthy? Do you know that there are dog food out there that is more than harmful rather than of benefit for his health? Maybe you don’t […]

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Andrew Lewis: Dog Food Secrets brought to you by Dog Care Secrets products

Dog Food Secrets Contents Overview The ebook Dog Food Secrets reveals many hidden facts in the dog food conspiracy relating to commercially prepared dog food. This book reveals that you may be decreasing the lifespan of your pet dog by feeding them commercial dog food. It is suggested that feeding home cooked dog food can […]

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Can Your Dog Consume A Raw Food Diet?

So you are not sure if a raw diet for dogs is healthy for your dog? Reflect on that question for a moment. Guess what dogs ate when in the wild. That’s right! What a dog would eat in the wild is indeed raw natural food. We should be more up in arms about what […]

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What Is The Healthiest Dog Food

All responsible dog owners want to know what are the healthiest foods for their dogs,particularly since the major problems with the dog food recalls in 2007. Your dog requires a balanced diet of various vitamins and minerals to ensure good health and long life,this may vary from breed to breed as to the best combination […]

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Dog Food Secrets – Are Commercial Dog Food Safe?

Ultimately, one will realize that manufactured canned dog foods are not the best for dogs. Although there are many substantial claims that the formulas used for these dog foods are scientifically tested to meet the required dietary allowance of our beloved pets, one would have to consider that dogs of the ancient times never really […]

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Nutrition For Dogs – Dog Food Ingredients

First we need to recognize that nutrients are not the same thing as ingredients. It’s not the combination of ingredients that determines the quality of your dog’s diet and whether or not the dog’s nutritional needs are being met, it’s the blend of nutrients. The ingredients in dog food only have to do with digestibility […]

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The Commercial Dog Food Controversy

Can you trust your veterinarian for advice about which food to feed your dog. Unfortunately, vets are often placed in a compromising position because they are not necessarily experts on dog nutrition because many veterinary colleges list animal nutrition as optional course. Also, some vets make a profit from selling commercial pet foods themselves. Often, […]

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