Sheltie Video: Sheltie Joy – Tricks & Commands

* My 10 year old Sheltie boy “Joy” shows his tricks and commands. Shelties are a very intelligent breed and learn quickly. They have great capacity and would be able to do much more than this – what you see here has taken only very little time to train. Shelties are ideal for dog sports, […]

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Dog Obedience Training Commands

Article by Shawn Almgren Teaching a dog obedience commands is very essential to the relationship between dog and owner. This is because it makes it easier to communicate with your dog, thus being able to immediately eliminate any behavioral problem. Also, dogs being as loyal as they are, jump at any opportunity to please their […]

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Canine Training Institute – Obedience the Fundamental Commands

Canine Teaching Institute – Obedience the Basic Instructions from Dog Teaching – Golden Retrievers Price: USD -1 Watch Details about Dog Teaching Institute

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Basic Dog Training Commands: Tips Every Dog-Owner Should Teach

Dog is not only a simple animal .He can be your good friend, your defender  and your partner .Similarly you are his teacher .As we all know that Dog is the most faithful animal among all animal kingdom .Proper training should be given to each and every dog by his owner .Once he recognize you […]

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Walking on a Leash and Staying: Two Essential Commands

Many dogs have an aggressive side, and you often see this when they are on leashes. Dogs that are normally well-behaved can lunge and snarl at other dogs and people as you walk down the street. While he needs exercise, you do not want to put others at risk. What can you do about leash […]

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Dog Training Commands

Popular Commands for Dog Training One of the first commands to teach your dog is to “Come”. Then you can teach your dog to “Heel” upon command. We are often awed at watching fine bird dogs in movies and in action. These finely trained bird dogs never fail to heed their owners’ commands. Then we […]

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