Border Collie Intelligence (Rico)

One thing Keiko, my Border Collie cross, has taught me is that Border Collies are very, very imtelligent. (So, if having your dog outwit you at times will not crushh your self-esteem, by all means, get a Border Collie ? Rico, the subject of this post, proves it.The owners of Rico (a Border Collie born […]

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Border collie, trainer rated first in nation

This article first appeared in the “Oregon News“. OAKLAND — Haley Roeder and her dog Odie are ranked first in the nation in Dockdogs Big Air competition after competing in three recent events. Odie’s average distance in 2007 is 24 feet, 8 inches. In Big Air, jumps are measured from the end of the dock […]

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Border Collie Breeders

If you are planning to add a Border Collie to your family “pack” – and you’re not interested in rescuing a Border from a local humane shelter (I highly recommend the rescue option) – you should learn as much as possible about breeders before you choose one. This article from Bakhru is highly recommended. It […]

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Border Collie

Here’s the basics about Border Collies – from A Border Collie is a hard-working, extremely intelligent breed of herding dog that originated in the border country of England and Scotland. Like most working dogs, they have a tendency towards neurotic or destructive behavior if not given enough to do. They are still frequently used […]

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The Border Collie: Excelling at Herding, Search and Rescue, Competitive Sports and Much More

In this wonderful article Carol Stack entertains us with Stories about her Border Collie, Scout.Scout is a Border Collie we were given four years ago. He is a beautiful tri-colored dog that is full of energy. The first two years we had him he hardly stopped running. His family hated to give him up but […]

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Border Collie – The Facts Every Owner of This Dog Should Know

Bred for their intelligence and herding instincts, Border Collies are descended from British herding dogs. A medium sized dog, Border Collies will grow to about 19 to 22 inches and 30 to 45 pounds. They will live about 12 to 15 years. Border Collies have medium to longer hair that comes in a variety of […]

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Border Collie Pictures

An alert black and white Border Collie. Notice the steely, almost hypnotizing gaze. Border collie’s use their gaze to “stare down” cattle and sheep. The ears are half-perked, which suggests attentiveness as well as a high level of intelligence. Here is a younger brown (or red) and white Border Collie. The ears are again half-cocked, […]

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