The FUNNIEST Dog Video EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Really Funny Dog Your Have to Watch! Monkey cleans the house while im at work!! Its a must see, its hilarious!! You will wish you had a dog like this!! The original and best dog on the net!!! Watch, enjoy, smile, comment!! Music track is

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How Much Cash Would I Need To Buy Dog Supplies And Her Vaccinations?

Query by ~Rotten Dog~: How A lot Money Would I Want To Buy Dog Supplies And Her Vaccinations? I have a couple of questions. 1.How a lot money will i need to buy bed,foods and h2o bowls,leash,collar and all that?Which includes Vaccinations (I am not obtaining her spayed until 6 months) 2.What is the smartest […]

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Pet dog Opening Gate

This is my thirteen yr aged German Shepard x Border Collie I’ve had her because I was 3 yrs aged She was youngr in this vid she nevertheless does the exact same issue i luv her Video clip Score: / five

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Is The Xxl Kongs Dog Toy Too Big For A Collie?

A reader asked.. I have bought my friendly dog a toy Kong dog, ?? said in order to obtain the dimension and advised advised ?? to me, L/XL. High the ?? toy of approximately 15 centimeters and 9 centimeters of width. It goes well for an adult Collie male?

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Please Help, Is The Xxl Size Kong Dog Toy Too Big For A Collie?

A reader asked.. I bought my friends dog a Kong toy dog, tells me the recommended size and is recommended L / XL. The toy is about 15 centimeters in height and 9 cm in width. This is good for an adult man Collien? I don 't want my money wasted.

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Ways to Train your Beagle.

If there is any dog that is highly regarded due to its friendliness, it would be the beagle.Training these wise beagles will be initially difficult but once this is transcended, everything else will go on smoothly.There are two choices present for beagle training.In this case, the owner can decide which option to take by considering […]

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Choosing a Dried Dog Food

There are so many types of dried dog food you can buy today that it is difficult to know which one to choose. First we should discuss what dried food is and how it compares to other dog foods. Dried dog food is simply dog food that has been baked or cooked into small, hard […]

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Border Collie Stuffed Dogs

[ama:border collie stuffed dog,3,new] [wordbay]border collie stuffed dog[/wordbay]

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Dog Clocks

Hint: Move your mouse over the image to see the design view. Collie Clocks Red Dachsie Dog Clocks Dog Breeds Circle o’ Pugs Blazingstar Clocks and Round Things Year of the Beagle Wiener Dog & Pussycat Aussie #2 Dude Online Colored Pencil Ruby Shoes Cairn Let’s Go! Mixed Breed Dog/Mutt (Brown) Scotties Wheaten & Black […]

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