I have bought 3 dog collars off ebay and want to know what size to order my dogs?

A reader asked.. I have no tape measure or ruler so i don’t know what to do. My dogs are a kelpie, cattle dog and a fox terrier. Please help! How can i measure without tape or a ruler? Or does anyone have these dogs and know the cm’s?

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What is the strongest dog collars available?????

A reader asked.. I have a pitt and he keep breaking all his collars. I need something that has the clasp and the seperate ring in the middle for leashing him to his running line. I need something that will last and that will be super strong!!!!!!!! Does anyone know where on the net I […]

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Where do you buy your dog collars?

A reader asked.. I need to buy a new Martingale collar for my German Shepherds. I don’t remember where I purchased the ones I’m currently using. They are very heavy duty and well made. I’ve found several on line sources for Martingale collars but I cannot determine if they are of the same quality as […]

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How do I make my dog stop barking without using dog collars( electic)?

A reader asked.. I want my dog to stop barking but not using dangerous methods. My dog is A German Shepard X Kelpie she is currently 4 years old. My dog is dangerous to outside people. My dog is a loving and affectionte dog.

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Do you like collars, harnesses, and leashes that stand out on your dog, or blend in?

A reader asked.. I have a black dog. I kind of like how black leashes, collars, and harnesses blend into him, but I kind of like how other colors stand out on him. What do you like better for your dog? Collars, leashes, and harnesses that stand out? Or ones that blend in?

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From Wolf Collars to Nfl Dog Collars

Given that dogs were domesticated some 12,000 years ago, it would be fair to say that they have been man’s companion and friend for a very long time now. Still, these canine friends cannot talk; they are but animals, and very smart and loving animals at that. As such, it has been the […]

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Give Your Dog Some Bling With Fancy Dog Collars

It’s been said that dogs are man’s best friends, and that’s perfectly shown in our societies today. Not only are dogs given expensive dog foods or gourmet dog treats, they’re also showered with a lot of fancy accessories. Before, dogs used to sleep on the cold hard floor, but now, comfortable and soft beds […]

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Do the shocking dog collars work well with keeping a dog in a yard?

A reader asked.. I have a fenced in yard but my dog just jumps the fence.we have to keep him on a lead and he still pops his head out of ANY collar!do shocking dog collars work?or any other suggestions?

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How To Choose Designer Dog Collars

Dog collars are a necessary accessory for dog owners as they are needed for identification and training purposes. They often differentiate mans best friend from a pack of wolves because they symbolize domesticity. But more than anything else, a dog collar directly or indirectly represents your personality and tastes as a dog owner. […]

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Dog Collars: Knowing the Difference, and Choosing the Right One

Searching for dog collars for your favorite pet can seem like an endless task because there are such an overwhelming variety of collars available. Although you may think it is as simple as heading to a pet store and picking out a dog collar, you really need to consider all of the different types, as […]

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