Cocker Spaniel


How to Improve Your Dog’s Heart Health

Your dog’s heart is the most important organ in its body, responsible for pumping blood and feeding its organs, tissues, and muscles with fresh oxygen. This is why it’s essential for you to ensure that your dog has a healthy heart. There are numerous diseases and illnesses that can lead to an unhealthy heart in […]

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Little Gifts Basset Hound Magnet Charm

Little Gifts Basset Hound Magnet Charm The Little Gifts Magnet Charm lets you show off your love for animals. These magnetized charms are great for adding a fun touch to a photo frame. Show off your love for animals in a fun way with the Little Gifts Magnet Charm. These fun and stylish charms let […]

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Pet Insurance for the Cocker Spaniel

by JeremyMcWilliams The Cocker Spaniel is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. The Cocker Spaniel is one of the few dog breeds that originated in the United States (many other dog breeds originated in Europe). They were initially used for flushing birds and retrieving other small game alongside their hunting […]

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Is My Dog Training My Puppy For Me?

A reader asked.. I have a 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel and we just adopted a 10 week old puppy (border collie/lab who is already bigger than the cocker). Anyway, we are crate training the puppy. We don’t yet have a crate for the puppy, so we are using the cocker’s crate and letting him be out […]

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Choosing the Perfect Pet Style

The important thing to consider is the reason that you want the style in the first place.   Whether it will be for functionality, for breed standard, or maybe just to start a new trend with an original modified style that you put together on your own. Functionality This may be your only choice if […]

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Some Things That Need To Be Considered To Help Choose The Right Puppy

One of the most important considerations regarding bringing a puppy to your home is to choose one that will fit in with your family and your lifestyle. For those who are very relaxed about life bringing home a pet that is very active will not make much sense as it will not suit you or […]

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Dog Intelligence Rankings (Obedience)

I remembered enjoying a documentary a couple of years back in which pet dogs were checked utilizing an extremely basic deductive thinking test – a big towel was put over the pet’s head, and the number of seconds it took for the pet dog to get rid of the towel was tracked. Some pet dogs […]

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Poodle Hybrid Designer Dogs

Ever question all those “poo” and “oodle” canines …? Designer canines are cross-breed or actually hybrid pets that have actually been established to attempt and get some favorable attributes or lose some unfavorable qualities from the starting pure-bred “Poo” hybrid canines where the Poodle is crossed with a number of types such as the Labrador […]

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