Clicker Training


How To Clicker Train A Dachshund

by wombatarama The Dachshund is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Clicker training uses positive reinforcement to reward preferred behaviors. Any dog can be clicker trained, it does not matter what their age, experience or background is. You may think Dachshund clicker training would be impossible, given their self-sufficient, sometimes […]

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The ABC’s of Dachshund Training

by KangHeeRhee The Dachshund is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.   How could anyone possibly argue that Dachshunds are not one of the all-time cutest dog breeds in existence? But don’t be fooled! Dachshunds, though incredibly cute, are not as easy to train as one might think. Cute little […]

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5 Tips For Training Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are smart, loyal, hardworking dogs. They are great dogs for active families. As part of the Herding Group, they require extensive physical exercise and mental stimulation to lead happy lives. The work you put into training your German Shepherd will come back to you tenfold, as they are very devoted to their owners. […]

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Beagle Training – The Correct Age To Start Obedience Training Your Beagle Puppy

by daveynin The Beagle puppy is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. You’ve finally gotten that Beagle puppy you’ve been wanting. Now what? When does the training begin? Many Beagle owners start training at the wrong time. Some might start too early when the puppy isn’t quite ready to hold […]

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How to teach any dog to FETCH!

This is one in a series of dog training tutorials that I have made. Clicker training is demonstrated in this video – but not fully explained. See my video on MOTIVATION for a more detailed explanation of using clickers and treats in training. For an ALTERNATE approach to teaching your dog to hold objects, check […]

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Q&A: What store is better to go to for dog supplies/toys/beds/etc.?

Question by 🙂: What store is better to go to for dog supplies/toys/beds/etc.? Petsmart, or Petco? And what are some other pet stores that have lots of dog supplies? Thanks 🙂 Also, where can I buy a clicker for clicker training? Best answer: Answer by KatieI’d say PetsMart because they donate lots of money to […]

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What’s the best way for dog obedience training?

Question by aageezen: What’s the best way for dog obedience training? It seems like the positive training methods only get you so far. It’s a great method to communicate with the dog – have him think and problem solve. But in presence of distractions and other temptations, it doesn’t necessarily instill reliable obedience. Please suggest […]

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The Dog Whisperer: Beginning and Intermediate Dog Training

Review The best DVD on basic training of pets. . . highly recommended. –Chronicle of the Dog, the newsletter of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, May/June 2005 Product DescriptionProduct Description:THE DOG WHISPERER: BEGINNING AND INTERMEDIATE DOG TRAINING presents the newest advances in positive training methods that are easy-to-use, fast, effective, and motivating. The DVD […]

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Drilling Your Dog with Clicker Training

  If it is feasible on old dogs, it’s also usually effective on young puppies, too.The logic for clicker training dogs is simple: associating the click with positive behavior. Before proceeding, see clickertraining: the 4 secrets of becoming a supertrainer review for more information. It’s no wonder that clicker training is widely accepted as the […]

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Which Method For Dog Training Is Better Clicker Or Reward?

A Reader Asks… I have a 7 month old Belgian Malinois and I want to teach him some simple tricks. I don’t intend to make him a protection dog. I know it’s quite costly. I was able to teach him some obedience training like sit, stay, fetch etc. and I’m using the reward method and […]

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