Citronella Collar


Get The Results You Need With A Citronella Dog Collar

Let me guess . . . I bet that you love your pet, but there is only one or two things you’d like to change. It’s things like digging, or perhaps jumping over the fence, or what about the barking? One thing you want to think about using to help with this kind of situation […]

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Do Dog Bark Collars Work ?

I’ve always thought that dogs were practically wild animals, and they should be given a great deal of leeway in their behavior. Nevertheless, my neighbors don’t agree with me. You see, we reside in a quiet suburban area, and wild behavior is not actually appreciated all that much. Even barking gets on folk’s nerves, and […]

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Getting Your Dog To Stop Barking

For those of you who are working on the best way to housebreak a puppy, barking can be tough. A constantly barking dog can be a huge nuisance. It is challenging to learn how to stop your dog from barking, because there are any number of things that sets off constant barking. Then, each breed […]

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Curb Irritating Dog Barking Behavior

Barking is as natural to a dog as talking is as natural to a human being. Trying to eliminate dog barking altogether would be like trying to stop someone to talk forever! It’s impossible and it’s not exactly a nice thing to do. But we have to admit, excessive barking (just like excessive talking) is […]

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How To Deal With A Dog Who Constantly Barks

All dogs bark for any number of reasons. Occasionally these can be good reasons such as to warn of an intruder or to express fright or pain. Sometimes these can be “bad” reasons as far as humans are concerned – dogs attempting to sound menacing or simply to get attention fall into this category.

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