Some recent Beagle auctions on eBay: [wprebay kw=”beagle” num=”25″ ebcat=”-1″] [wprebay kw=”beagle” num=”26″ ebcat=”-1″] [wprebay kw=”beagle” num=”27″ ebcat=”-1″] Westminster Barney the Beagle Pouncing DogApprox. 8” Long. Conforms to US Toy Safety standards and ASTM-F963… It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (remastered deluxe edition)It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown – The Easter Beagle is coming! Linus […]

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Corgi Puppy Must Defeat Green Ball

Two Beagle puppies play as the American Kennel Club officials announce their annual list of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S January 27, 2010 in New York. (DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images) Puppies watch on at a police dog training base September 16, 2005 in Beijing, China. The dogs are trained by a police squad […]

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Portuguese Water Dog – China 3d Theater System – 3d Cinema System Manufacturer

by *Tom [luckytom]  The Barbet dog is a dog breed being considered by the AKC for inclusion as a registered breed. The following article describes the breed. Description The closest relatives of the PWD are widely thought to be the Barbet and Standard Poodle. Like Poodles and several other water dog breeds, PWDs are […]

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China Volunteers Rescue 900 Dogs in Cramped Truck

The head of an animal rescue center in China said Sunday that volunteers have rescued about 900 dogs that were being transported in poor conditions in a truck. Chen Mingcai of the Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association said that a travelling citizen became suspicious of the truck and called police, who detained the truck driver […]

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Article: How to Create an Album of Pug Dog Pictures

Article by Trey Markel Copyright (c) 2010 Trey Markel There’s nothing in the canine world quite as cute as the puglet, or puppy of a pug dog. If you’re starting a photo album of pug dog pictures, you’ll definitely want to begin with a picture of when your dog is in its early months of […]

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50,000 Dogs Slaughtered In China, Shows Importance of Dog Vaccines

 xml:lang=”en” lang=”en” xmlns=””> 50,000 Dogs Slaughtered In China, Shows Importance of Dog Vaccines Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) August 10, 2006 People who love dogs have expressed outrage over the recent slaughtering of 50,000 dogs in rural China last month. In the […]

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What To Expect When You Have A Pug

The Pug dog is probably named Pug after the Old English word Pugg, which means a playful little devil or monkey. That name fits the Pug, as they have a winning personality that has aided in its migration around the word. Originally breed in China, it later traveled to Japan, other places around the globe, and eventually to England. From there, it came to America. The American Kennel Club officially recognized it as a breed in 1885. The Pug Dog Club of America was started in 1931, and the breed has grown in popularity ever since that time. It is one of the favorite breeds around the world.

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Do you still have doubts on the dangers of Chinese imports?

If anyone has the slightest doubt that Chinese imported pet food ingredients are dangerous – read a recent article on the New York Times website titled ‘Impact of the Heparin Drug Scare. The article features a picture of a Chinese heparin lab. The conditions are horrendous.

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