chihuahua puppy care

Deer Head Chihuahua

Deer Head vs. Apple Head Chihuahua. What’s the Difference?

Which of the habits of Chihuahuas makes the most amusing moments to watch? Is it when they are happily playing with children in the park? Or how they welcome their owners with joyful barks? Or how they become bullies chasing beings perceived as a threat? Or how they stubbornly protect their owners despite their height […]

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The Basics of Puppies Care

If you think all you have to do is play with your puppy and feed him in order to take care of him, think again.  Puppy care is a huge responsibility and it is much like taking care of a small child.  If you have a full breed puppy, you have to find out how […]

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Chihuahua Puppy Care: How to Prepare

Chihuahua puppy care, like any new puppy care, can be a hassle if you don’t make the right preparations and learn about what to do prior to bringing your puppy home.  Chihuahuas are a particularly tricky breed to take care of since they are hard to house train and are so small and fragile. What […]

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