Article: Choosing Dog Muzzles for Aggressive Biters and Chewers

Article by Chris Robertson If your dog is an aggressive chewer or biter, or if he gets snappy around other dogs or people, a dog muzzle can be a great help in his training. Muzzles can help ensure your safety when you’re working with your pet, as well as ensuring his own safety. There are […]

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Ekko’s Ode to Jolly Ball dog toy http Ekko is a huge fan of the Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball dog toy. He surely wouldn’t know what to do without one. The Jolly Ball dog toy is a great interactive toy and provides loads of fun and exercise, even for this high prey drive dog! Ekko is known to be an agressive chewer.. […]

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Finest Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Since dogs are wild animals at heart, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that dogs like to chew and, for some dogs, they’re only satisfied when they outright destroy. For these kinds of tough chewers, chew toys can become quite the costly habit. But, don’t worry, there are toys which have been made to keep both your […]

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What Dog Toy Is Best For Avid Chewers?

A Reader Asks… My dog is an avid chewer, even though he is only 20 lbs. He quickly chews up any toy we give him, even durable Nylabones. What is the best durable chewing toy (but fairly inexpensive considering he goes through them so quickly) to give him?

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