Puppy mill stays in business despite animal cruelty charge

NANCY, KY (WAVE) – Millions of puppies, maybe even one in your home, come from filthy and overcrowded breeding sites known as puppy mills. The substandard conditions can create huge vet bills and heartache for you after the puppy comes home. The effort to stop puppy mills varies from county to county. In fact, one […]

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Photo: One of the workers is in charge of the camp mascot

One of the workers is in charge of the camp mascot Image by National Library of Scotland A smiling British volunteer is pictured with the dog that acted as her regiment’s mascot. The adoption of dogs as mascots by British regiments reflects the important military roles fulfilled by dogs as far back as ancient Egyptian, […]

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Free of charge Product Coupon – AvoDerm® Normal Canine / Cat Foods – EXP: three/31/twelve

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How much would you charge for boarding one dog for a month? Plus dog training?

A reader asked.. My girlfriend is Certified dog trainer and has clients wanting to have her board their dog while training for one month. How much would you charge an individual for one month?

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How Much Should I Charge For Dog Training?

A Reader Asks… I will be training a 5 month old lab how to sit, walk on a leash without tugging, drop it, down, and house breaking her. I will be doing this for about 8 hours a day for 5 days. This is my first time doing anything like this, but i have worked […]

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What Does The Bark Busters Dog Training Company Charge To Train Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost for a dog trainer from Bark Busters to train my dog. My dog jumps up, barks when the doorbell rings, does not come when called, etc. If you could give me an estimate of how much it costs to use […]

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How Much Should I Charge For Dog-training And Sitter?

A Reader Asks… I’m an experienced dog trainer (I’ve fully trained my three dogs, as well as several of my friends dogs which included a pitbull, rottweiler, and german sheperd) and needing some extra cash for how everything is so expensive these days, I want to take up a part-time job of dog-training and sitting. […]

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