Q&A: How do I get my dog certified as an emotional support dog?

by timtak Question by MEMA: How do I get my dog certified as an emotional support dog? My granddaughter’s psyciatrist wrote a prescription for a support dog. She has Bipolor disorder. In order to live alone she’ll need to be reminded to take her medication, to be awakened in an emergency, etc. I purchased a […]

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How much would you charge for boarding one dog for a month? Plus dog training?

A reader asked.. My girlfriend is Certified dog trainer and has clients wanting to have her board their dog while training for one month. How much would you charge an individual for one month?

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How to Begin A Career in Dog Training

A career in dog training can be tremendously rewarding for you if you love working with dogs and it does take a very special and dedicated person with a really big heart towards animals to become a professional dog trainer. However, a dog training career can also be very challenging and it is going to […]

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