Paws for Causes fun for dogs and their owners

Paws for Causes fun for dogs and their owners Finishing third were the team of Lida Bard-Allenby, her husband, Brian Allenby, and her mother, Lida Bard, with Jack Russell mix Maisy, Boston Terrier Olivia Rose and Chinese Crested Marvel Anne. The new movie “Trolls” inspired their brightly colored … Continue reading at Tiny dog […]

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Article: Causes and Treatments for a Dog Ear Infection

Article by Nil Danieli A dog ear infection is one of the most common problems that will a dogs health will face. There are three types of these infections, each of them applies to a different area of the ear. There are: Otitis Externa: This is an infection of the outer portion of the ear […]

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Article: Common Causes of Dog Illness and Symptoms

Looking at a healthy dogs playing around the house or backyard always make the owner happy. In reality we can’t avoid pet illness and the best things the pet owner can do is to watch for the common signs of illness symptoms. There are many possibilities that can cause health problems for your beloved dog […]

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