Smile and error: Puppy botches catch in viral clip

March 19, 2013 at 3:45 PM ET Anyone training a puppy to catch knows you have to start somewhere. For a puppy named Pacino, the star of a viral YouTube video, the focus and effort are there, but the execution needs some work. Looking like a right fielder on his first day of Little League, […]

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Police dogs help catch accused burglars

Luxury escaping dog…Image by nicolacassa Can you find the dog?…Ginza, Tokyo, Japan (visit Police dogs have helped catch a man and woman wanted over two attempted armed robberies on Christmas day in Queensland. One of the duo allegedly hit a man in the head with a spanner after they were disturbed trying to break […]

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Dog Games?

Question by puplovr766: Dog Games? Does everyone know any other video games to play with my puppy (apart from catch)? He is currently 3 many years aged. A yorkshire terrier. I constantly consider him without having a leash on the entrance lawn. It would seem that he would like to perform a sport with me. […]

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