Case Study


Case Study on Biting Dog

Three-year-old Terrier mix, Sam has a problem with biting. Other than biting the other dog at home, an 8 year old Spaniel, Sam has the habit of a dog biting and surprisingly snapping at his owners, Ted and Shelly. Both of them is concerned that Sam’s biting behavior will cause problems and because of this […]

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Case Study on Dog Food Aggression

Biscuit, a Great Dane is almost a year old . Biscuit’s previous owner needs to relocate, thus, they had him adopted by the Scott family . In his new house, the Scotts had the two Golden Retrievers share their home with Biscuit. The new dog did not display any aggression problems with his previous owner […]

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Dog Barking Case Study

Teacup, a two-year-old mixed breed dog,  keeps barking whenever her owner Tom is away at work. Tom recently transferred into a new house with a spacious fenced-in backyard. At this time, as Teacup would normally do while Tom is not around , she would not stop from barking. The barking dog progressed so badly that neighbors […]

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