canine separation anxiety


7 Best Calming Solutions for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

1. Kong Wobbler A lot of dog owners have reported positive results using a Kong Wobbler. The toy is designed to be filled with dog treats or kibble. The design makes it virtually impossible for your dog to get the treats out of the toy, which can help prevent separation anxiety. It takes a little […]

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Separation Anxiety In Dogs — Learn The Facts

Have you ever wondered why separation anxiety in dogs is a problem for some canines, but not for others?  If you’re dealing with destructive dog behavior, you may be wondering if it’s because your dog is bored, or if it’s because you have one of the four to eight percent of dogs with separation anxiety. […]

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What You Should And Shouldn’t Do When Dealing With Separation Anxiety In Dogs

If separation anxiety in dogs is a problem for your pet, there are many things you can do to help.  There are also many things you can do to make the problem worse.  Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for dealing with dogs with separation anxiety.  We’ll look at the “don’ts” first, and then […]

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