Scent of the familiar: You may linger like perfume in your dog’s brain

An area of the canine brain associated with reward responds more strongly to the scents of familiar humans than it does to the scents of other humans, or even to those of familiar dogs. The journal Behavioural Processes published the results of the first brain-imaging study of dogs responding to biological odors. The research was […]

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OCD Dogs and Humans Share Same Brain Abnormalities

This post was sponsored by Dog Lovers Social Education Dogs with obsessive compulsive disorder show nearly the same brain abnormalities of humans who have OCD, a new study finds. The discovery, published in Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, adds another notch to the dog-human connection and holds promise for better treatments for OCD. “While the […]

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How To Keep Your Dog Free From Boredom

Ever get home after a long day at work to find your dog has been digging in your favorite flowerbed or chewed up the sofa?  This may well be a scenario that you have faced or wish to avoid in the future.  This type of destructive behavior is most commonly caused by separation anxiety, after […]

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In Praise of Sniff-Butt

Goody Beagle here. You don’t know me unless you have read my book Dog Park Diary: the social round of Goody Beagle. It’s about my visits to my dog park and who I meet there and all the things we smell. It’s a good book, and mostly true, but after it was published with all […]

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Q/A: Size of a Pomeranian Brain

Q/A posts resolve particular concerns. If you have a burning concern about pet dogs or pet dog types, please send your concern as a remark. According to the very first chart below, a pets’ brain is roughly 1/125 of his overall body weight. Because an adult Pomeranian weighs in at approximately 5 pounds (type requirement […]

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