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Spread “Pawsitivity” Through These Unique Embracing Ideas

“When I needed a hand, I found your paw.” Indeed there is no greater feeling than having a furry friend with you. But do you know pets are not only good as companions, but they also have therapeutic significance? Owning a pet is no less than an adventure. They are the most selfless creatures. But […]

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Dog Aggression: Warning Signs That A Dog Might Bite

Did you know that more than 4.7 million Americans get bitten by a dog annually? Why do so many people suffer from such injury? Dogs can become aggressive for various reasons, such as fear, stress, and dominance. But not matter what the reason for the dog’s aggression, the body language of a canine will let […]

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Dog Training Video -The Truth About Your Dog’s Body Language

Learn how your body language can help or hurt your dog training efforts. Discover simple steps you can take to improve your dog training. Please leave a comment and you can get a free ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior.” Go to Please leave a comment and you can get a free […]

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Recognize Aggressive Dogs and Avoid a Dog Fight

This morning, as my dog and I took out regular walk, a loose dog came running over towards us. Normally, that in itself is no reason for alarm. But,because I already was pretty experienced in recognizing aggressive behavior in dogs, I could easily tell something about this dog’s approach was wrong. the dog that was […]

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Stopping Dog On Dog Aggression

There are lots of reasons dogs can become aggressive. Dogs are instinctively aggressive. Dogs evolved with a need to be aggressive. In order to feed and protect their families, aggression was a necessary survival trait. Despite thousand of years of domestication, dogs retain the aggression instinct, and if a dog becomes overly aggressive you will […]

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Training Your Dog - The "Lay Down" Command

Training your dog to obey commands is an important part of pet ownership. When your dog is properly trained, it is much easier for you to communicate with him and this enhances your relationship. This can also help save your pet from harm. Dogs want your praise, so using positive reinforcement when training your dog […]

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3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy There are as many ways to raise a puppy as there are to raising a child. In fact, one way per family in general! But most of us agree that when it comes to children, certain things are universal and undisputed. Here are three things that […]

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Your Dog’s Body Language

Dogs use their bodies and paws to express a variety of different things. Below are some examples and what they mean. Dog crouches with front legs extended, rear up, and head near the ground: This is the classic play-bow and means simply “I want to play!” Stiff-legged, upright posture or slow, stiff-legged movement forward: “I […]

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Does Your Barking Dog Drive You Mad?

For some people it is an offence to have a barking dog around them, they think that dogs should be seen and not heard. This is slightly unfair given that the bark is a dog’s voice and like yourself it uses it to communicate. Of course barking is your dog's way of talking and many […]

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