Blood Sugar Levels


Dog Trainer Saves Dog with CPR

Canyon Crest K9 Training Center owner, Ron Pace, saves the life of a boxer with CPR during a regular training session. During the session, the dog suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing. Ron immediately applied CPR. Within a few minutes, the dog regained consciousness. Once the dog was resuscitated, the owner took him to the vet. […]

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Did You Know Dogs Can Get Diabetes? Watch For These Symptoms

The rate of canine diabetes is skyrocketing.  However, the sad fact is that many pet owners still don’t know the symptoms of diabetes in dogs.  Diabetes leads to cataracts in dogs, along with sudden blindness.  Your pet can also go into a diabetic coma and die.  Prevent this tragic scenario by being alert for the […]

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XYLITOL: Danger or Delight For Dogs?

What is “xylitol”? Xylitol is a white crystal substance that looks and tastes like sugar. On food labels for people, xylitol is broadly classified as a carbohydrate. For the purposes of human consumption, xylitol is very slowly absorbed and only partially utilized. These two characteristics contrast sharply to sugar. Because xylitol contains about 2.4 calories […]

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Diabetes and Your Pet

Most people have heard of diabetes, but few realize that diabetes is a disease that can also affect your pet. In fact, diabetes is a very serious condition and, if not treated properly, can lead to even more serious complications or even death. Therefore, it is important to test your pet for diabetes and to […]

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