U.K. dogs training to sniff out bladder cancer

A dog’s sense of smell might be one of his or her best, innate abilities. And an increasing number of researchers are using that nose to help humans detect cancer. Claire Guest of Berkshire, England runs a charity called “Medical Detection Dogs” that trains dogs how to detect cancer. One project involves teaching animals how […]

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Housetraining Tips and Advice

No training is more basic for pet owners than that first important lesson: Do it outside! Teaching your new puppy to eliminate outside the home, not in it, can start between six and eight weeks of age. Dogs as young as four weeks have been started with potty training, but at that age few have […]

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Difficulties Involved in Housebreaking

You should waste no time starting the process of housebreaking your new dog — once you have him home, you are ready to begin. While some people like to give their new dog a little time to get to know the family and the house before laying down the law, this can only lead to […]

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How To Potty Train Your Puppy Quickly And Easily

You may have just brought home an adorable new puppy pal! Beside enjoying your little pal, you also want to protect your home so your furnishings and carpets aren’t ruined. What should you do now? By teaching your puppy where to relieve himself, you’ll also be protecting your home. How can that be accomplished? Grab […]

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