bladder infection


Infection or Incontinence

By Jon Geller, DVM Q: I have a 7 year old female, half Rottweiler half German Sheppard. For the last week, she has been leaking urine when lying down. What can I do? Is this a bladder infection? A: Most likely this is a case of urinary incontinence, which is […]

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Have You Discovered Natural Remedies For Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs Yet?

It seems like every time you turn around, you hear something about natural remedies.  More and more people are concerned about what kind of medicines they’re taking.  Interest in herbal and homeopathic treatments is higher than ever.  So it’s only natural that dog owners would be wondering about natural remedies for urinary tract infections in […]

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What Every Dog Owner Must Know About Bladder Stones In Dogs

If you’re like most dog owners, you’ve probably never even heard of canine bladder stones.But you’ll want your questions answered, if this happens to your dog.  How Do I Know If Bladder Stones In Dogs Are Causing A Problem? The following symptoms are clues that your dog could be suffering from this condition: Repeated bladder […]

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An Easy Way To Prevent Struvite Stones In Dogs

Just imagine how you’d feel if your vet told you that your canine friend has struvite stones in dogs.  Most dog owners aren’t aware that dogs can even get canine bladder stones until it happens to their buddy.  After reading this article, you’ll understand how canine bladder stones form and how you can prevent them. […]

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