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Dog Illnesses – What is the most typical puppy sickness in 2007?

Issue by Kwame O: Dog Illnesses – What is the most frequent puppy sickness in 2007? For more on canine illness and dog’s wellbeing go to The final manual to dog health has some fantastic data for you to help retain yourr dog healthy . I have been studying a lot about dog illnesses […]

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Dog Games?

Question by puplovr766: Dog Games? Does everyone know any other video games to play with my puppy (apart from catch)? He is currently 3 many years aged. A yorkshire terrier. I constantly consider him without having a leash on the entrance lawn. It would seem that he would like to perform a sport with me. […]

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Dog muzzle?

Issue by Mandie: Dog muzzle? how extended would you suggest leaving a muzzle on a puppy? I have had grievances about my puppies barking when I am gone. I only depart them residence for a short while if I am gone to get groceries, but other than that they stay with in laws. i’ve been […]

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dog bed?????

Query by sarah f: dog bed????? i have had my puppy for about four months now and he is now 6months… at 1st we would allow him rest with us , thn we received a bed about 2/3months in the past for him and he was good and loved sleeping in it… but for the […]

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Guidance For Boxer Dog Training

A boxer dog is a very beautiful, intelligent and loyal pet. Many people are attracted towards boxer dogs due to their beauty, they like them due to their intelligence and prefer to have boxer dogs as a pet at home due to their loyal nature. Boxer dog training needs a lot of effort and attention […]

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