Beagle Pictures and Posters

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Is a Beagle the Right Dog for You?

When you think of Beagles, you probably picture a pack of these little guys baying at the top of their lungs as they race after a fox or rabbit. While it is true that these dogs are popular hunting dogs and have been used to hunt for several centuries, they also make wonderful family pets. […]

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3 Important Training Tips For Every Beagle Dog Owner

1. Be fair with corrections. Make sure your Beagle understands what you want before you correct him for not doing it. And let the punishment fit the crime. A correction should not be a release of anger, a clearing out of pent-up feelings by unloading them on the apparent cause of the problem, your Beagle. […]

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The Beagle Puppy

The Beagle was considered to be the most popular dog during the 1950’sin the United States. The Beagle first originated in the eleventh century when William the Conqueror was known for bringing the Talbot hound to Great Britain. The Talbot Hound was a scent hound, white in color that is thought to be an ancestor […]

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If You Want A Dog That Is Eager To Please Then The Beagle Might Be For You

The Beagle, a fine scent hound used often in hunting is a dog that is full of energy and makes a great pet as he is eager to please his owner. Originating in England as a result of a cross between a harrier and other hounds, this dog is often used when hunting hairs, quails […]

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Beagle Video

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Beagle Pictures

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The Beagle

Here’s some in-depth information about the Beagle from The history is quite interesting. HistoryPossible Ancestors In the eleventh century, William the Conqueror brought the Talbot hound into Great Britain. A white scent hound, the Talbot (now extinct) is thought to be a more recent ancestor of the modern-day beagle. The black and tan Irish […]

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The Beagle – Friendly Loyal And Loving

Here is Dakota Dog’s take on this sweet little dog. The more I read about Beagles, the more I like them. They seem to have many good family-dog qualities.A small to medium sized dog, the beagle weighs between 20-28 lbs and is 12″ to 16″ in height. Sometimes referred to as the English Beagle, this […]

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The Wonderful Beagle

Beagles are one of the most affectionate and loyal of all dog breeds. They are members of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Hound Dog Group, and are the smallest and one of the oldest known of the hounds. Beagles are scent hounds used mainly for hunting rabbits to larger hares, but have also been used […]

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