Dog Grooming – Brushing and Bathing

Dog grooming is the basis for preventive health care for your dog and puppy. It gives you a chance to see small changes in and on your dog’s body that could lead to health concerns such as a lump or problems in his ears or with his teeth. Dog grooming can be a time of […]

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How to Give Your Cat a Bath (And Live to Tell the Tale)

Cats typically don’t require any help from you when it comes to “being clean”. They are meticulous clean freaks and spend a ridiculous amount of time preening and primping. Kittens discover at a very early age how to clean themselves – mainly because mom is constantly showing them how. Cat owners rarely need to give […]

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Yorkie Video: How to bathe a Yorkie: Bathing Orius

JUST FYI: THIS FOOTAGE HAS BEEN SPED UP! NO HASH, ROUGH, OR AGGRESSIVENESS HARM WAS TOWARD MY BABY ORIUS!!! Hey guys! So I decided to share how I bathe my ba… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Click Here to Learn How Easy it is to Groom Your Dog at Home! Most popular Yorkie Amazon products: […]

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Cat DOG Grooming PRO Ear Cleaner Deodorizer Bathing 4oz

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FURminator TubNub Pet Bathing Brush Product Description The FURminator TubNub gives your dog a calming massage, while stimulating its hair follicles and skin. Use during bathing to work shampoo or conditioner into your pet’s coat to give it a good cleaning and remove loose hair. First, wet the dog all over. Use the relaxing rubber nubs to massage the […]

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Dog Training – Dog Bathing

Dog bathing is a must when living with a dog. Dogs naturally get smelly and are not like cats in being able to wash themselves well and be hygienic, this is why dog owners have to look after their dogs hygiene for them once in a while. Dog bathing should take place when your dog […]

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Make Dog Bathing and Grooming As Stress Free As Possible

For some dog owners, bathing their pet can be very challenging, especially if they have to hunt the dog down when it is bath time. A regular bath is an important way to help prevent skin problems and keep the dog smelling and looking great. Comb and brush your dog’s hair prior to bathing to […]

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