basic puppy training


Basic Care for Dogs and Cats

The advantages of owning a pet are well known. Companionship for people living alone, sick or elderly, and for the young, are the advantages that most people think of when considering pet ownership. It has been shown that the close presence of a pet aids in recuperation from illness in the elderly as well as […]

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How to Crate Train Your Puppy

Crate training has been around for quite some time, but there are people who still do not understand the importance of crate training in the successful house training of a dog. Crate training is an integral part of basic puppy training, and knowing exactly how to carte train is very important. Crate training without knowing […]

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New Puppy Training

One should never attempt to train a dog if they have no knowledge about basic puppy training. Anyone could learn how to train a dog, there are so many sources of information, but the fear of information overload is very likely to deter one. Learn how to train a dog, before to attempt to train […]

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Teach Puppy To Sit And Stay

The new owner of every little puppy should devote the first few weeks it is with them to certain basic puppy training tasks. Training the puppy when it is very young is very important. This article will deal with the two basic verbal commands SIT and STAY and Crate training. It is also very important […]

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