10 Small Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds that don’t Bark

Welcoming a pet into your home as a friend for a lifetime Is always a dreamy milestone to achieve. But if you are someone who starts to show allergic reactions as soon as you come in contact with the pet, then this dreamy situation can turn into a Nightmare. So, if you are facing this […]

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Basenji Consultation

By Daniel Stevens, author of SitStayFetch… for Your Basenji SitStayFetch: Consultation SitStayFetch offers a free consultation with every order! Here is one submitted by Simone about her Basenji mix called Tamsin… Simone’s Consultation Hi Daniel, Tamsin was attacked by another dog 3 months ago. Now, every time we go to the dog park, she shows […]

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Getting to Know your Basenji

By Daniel Stevens, author of SitStayFetch… for Your Basenji Getting to know your dog starts by getting to know its breed. At Kingdom of Pets, we keep a large database of detailed information on the appearance, personality, and health requirements of individual dog breeds. Here’s what you need to know about the Basenji: The Basenji […]

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Basenji Calendar

These designs are available as calendars.Many more to choose from. Basenji ChargeWe all know who is in charge at your house. With this fun dog design on assorted apparel and office supplies you can show the world that around here the Basenji is in charge.

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Basenji Pictures from the Web

Family Tree Imaging – Basenjis Basenji Mousepad for home and office,imprinted & Made in USA Beautiful Basenji Dog Portrait. This lovely Drinkwear is a must for the fancy Basenji owner or admirer. Basenji Bumpersticker for cars,vans,boats or even dog crates -get several for gifts.

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Basenji Video

This is Tamu, who won a best-in-breed in Februry 2007. A video demonstrating Basenji behavior. Lucy the “yodeling” Basenji. Pretty funny

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Basenji – The Egyptian Dog

The Basenji is a small to medium sized dog weighing between 22 to 25 pounds. Their height is around 15″ to 17″. Known as the barkless dog, the Basenji (bah-SEN-gee) makes a low howl/moaning/yodeling sound instead of barking. They are also called the Congo Dog. The smooth, shiny, dense coat is short and lies flat […]

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Basenji Dog Breed

By Daniel Stevens, author of SitStayFetch… for Your Basenji Dog Group: Hound Group Class: Hound Description Medium-small and quite athletically built, the Basenji is a handsome dog with a smooth, shiny coat and a sharp, intelligent expression. The coat of this breed comes in various colors: black and tan, black and brindle, copper or red. […]

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