Major Dog Training Problems

Dogs are not easy to train. You will have to dedicate time and effort in order t train the dog. Remember that dog training is better when done by professionals. But if you really want to train your dog at home, you will have to make sure that you have learned a few things […]

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Bark Busters Home Dog Training – Gerard Raneri

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Bark ‘N Boots Skyliner Dog Shoes

Bark ‘N Boots Skyliner Dog ShoesRetail price: $50.00 Sale price: $22.50 Where humans have sandals and hiking boots, dogs have Bark n Boots Dog Shoes designed to protect tender paws from injury. Our new Skyliner Everyday Dog Shoe style is perfect for daily walks and a favorite for city sidewalkers. Modeled after human shoes, these […]

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Choosing the Right Anti Bark Dog Collar

Excessive barking of your dog can disrupt your sleep and your neighbors. You must understand that barking is a natural thing for dogs. They do this when they feel threatened, or they feel that their owners are threatened, or they feel excitement. However, there are cases when our dogs tend to bark incessantly. Even you […]

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What Does The Bark Busters Dog Training Company Charge To Train Your Dog?

A Reader Asks… Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost for a dog trainer from Bark Busters to train my dog. My dog jumps up, barks when the doorbell rings, does not come when called, etc. If you could give me an estimate of how much it costs to use […]

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How To Stop A Barking Dog

This has been a part of our lives at one point or another. Someone has a dog that barks all the time and it doesn’t ever seem to stop. What makes it even worse is when it is you own dog that is causing all that ruckus and you have no clue how to stop barking dogs or where to even start.

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How To Deal With A Dog Who Constantly Barks

All dogs bark for any number of reasons. Occasionally these can be good reasons such as to warn of an intruder or to express fright or pain. Sometimes these can be “bad” reasons as far as humans are concerned – dogs attempting to sound menacing or simply to get attention fall into this category.

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Why Dogs Bark (by Fubrus)

When dealing with a nuisance barker, it’s important to understand the underlying cause of the annoying behavior. This article is a good place to start… Thousands of years ago, humans began the process of domesticating the dog and shaping what “being a dog” really means. Through careful selection and breeding, an astonishing variety of dog […]

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Why Dogs Bark

by: Keith Londrie Picture this, you’re walking in the park, minding your own business when suddenly a dog comes up to you and starts barking. You start to panic because there is no reason for this dog to be barking at you. Why is this dog barking? Dogs bark because we humans want our dogs […]

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