Bark Collar


Dogtra No Bark Dog Collar YS300 For Small to Medium Dogs

Dogtra No Bark Dog Collar YS300 For Small to Medium Dogs: Pet Supplies

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Innotek Automatic No-Bark Dog Collar, BC-50B

Innotek Automatic No-Bark Dog Collar, BC-50B: Pet Supplies

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Shocking Dogs – Electronic Dog Collars

So, you have a dog with behavior issues. You’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked to keep your pooch from chewing the furniture or hosting doggy parties when you’re not home. You may have heard about electronic training collars, and you are wondering if this might be the answer. You may figure that an electronic […]

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The BC-50

Does your dog bark a lot? Is there no peace in the house when your dog goes off? Does your dog wake you up at night? Does your dog even wake the neighbors? If so, Innotek has the answer. In these situations, what you need is the BC 50 no bark collar. Man’s Best Friends […]

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Do Dog Bark Collars Work ?

I’ve always thought that dogs were practically wild animals, and they should be given a great deal of leeway in their behavior. Nevertheless, my neighbors don’t agree with me. You see, we reside in a quiet suburban area, and wild behavior is not actually appreciated all that much. Even barking gets on folk’s nerves, and […]

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Choosing the Right Anti Bark Dog Collar

Excessive barking of your dog can disrupt your sleep and your neighbors. You must understand that barking is a natural thing for dogs. They do this when they feel threatened, or they feel that their owners are threatened, or they feel excitement. However, there are cases when our dogs tend to bark incessantly. Even you […]

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Bark Control Collar FAQ

A bark control collar can be used as a harmless and efficient training tool for eliminating your dog’s annoying or persistent barking. Following are the most often asked points I’m asked to clarify from pet owners interested in understanding how bark collars work. Bark Collars – Harmless or Harmful? There has been much controversy about […]

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Stop Dogs Barking

By Sandra Scott A dog will bark for many different reasons. A dog will bark to alert you to the approach of an unfamiliar person or to let you know that a burglar has broken into your home. Other causes of dog barking are pain and fear. They may also bark to get your attention […]

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How To Deal With A Dog Who Constantly Barks

All dogs bark for any number of reasons. Occasionally these can be good reasons such as to warn of an intruder or to express fright or pain. Sometimes these can be “bad” reasons as far as humans are concerned – dogs attempting to sound menacing or simply to get attention fall into this category.

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