Assistance dogs


What are Assistance Dogs?

Over 7000 people in the UK that are disabled rely on an accredited assistance dog to help with their every day tasks. They are also a great help towards a person’s emotional state as well as the physical aspect of having one too. These such dogs bring great independence to a disabled person and can […]

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Dogs To Help The Disabled: More Needed

The number of British troops injured in Afghanistan who are applying for assistance dogs has contributed to a severe shortage of the trained animals. The dogs are trained to help with a range of practical tasks both inside and outside the home, like switching on lights, fetching the phone, picking up items from the floor, […]

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Service Dog Training: How to Prepare Your Dog

Assistance dogs come in a variety of types: guiding dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs. At their core, all trainings aim to do the same thing: train a dog to help people that can’t do their daily tasks properly because they have some disabilities. Such dogs will help people that have problems with their sight […]

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