Ahead of a new book, Rita Mae Brown sure of arts in the Trump era – The Daily Progress

Ahead of a new book, Rita Mae Brown sure of arts in the Trump era – The Daily Progress The Daily ProgressAhead of a new book, Rita Mae Brown sure of arts in the Trump eraThe Daily ProgressYou might not pick up a book about the Articles of Confederation, but you might be interested in […]

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Essay Editing

We pretty much all hate writing. We hated it in school, and we hated it in college, and we hate it as adults. It’s hard to keep an article flowing, and then you run out of points to mention, making the content uninteresting and bland. However, nowadays when articles can improve website promotion, it’s something […]

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Singing Bowls

Did you know – there are bowls that sing? I kid you not. Singing bowls are a type of bell, or better yet, an “upside down” bell. When they vibrate, they produce a sound that can only be described as “like a voice”, with two harmonic tones. Thus, the sound of singing”. Researchers say singing […]

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Master Essay Writing

Essay writing is a conventional writing activity. It’s a process, and a skill that is taught regularly at school. Writing is something we are all familiar with, right from our school days, and can be a really thrilling task for those who enjoy writing. Essay writing is difficult especially if you want your essay to […]

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Essay Writing Services

Essay writing is fun for those who enjoy and love to write; however, for others it can be a really challenging task which is impossible to avoid. It requires good analytic skills, thorough research and a lot of time. And, for those people who do not have a firm control over the English Language or […]

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Essay Writing Tips

If you ever need to write an essay for a school project, or perhaps to get a new job or impress your current employer, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Of course, you could employ an essay writing service to do the hard part and save yourself a few headaches. But, if not, […]

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Two dogs waiting patiently to get served in "restaurant", and in spite of waiting, never get anything to drink. This video has had many positive comments – thanks to all of you. Some people though are worried for the dogs – were they forced and did they hurt themselves on the forks? Firstly the dogs […]

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