How To Cure Your Dog’s Arthritis On Your Own

Do you have a pet dog? Maybe, an older dog? Have you noticed him lamely walking around and he seems to have difficulty in doing any activity like jumping, leaping or running? Is he not doing these things the way he’s doing it when he was young? Maybe your old holler has arthritis. Yes, dogs […]

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With Pain and Severe Stiffness Your Dog May Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dogs can get arthritis just like us humans, the problem is that they cann’t tell us what they are feeling and we have to know and watch our dogs closely to see if they are in pain or other discomfort. Dogs can also get hip dysplasia, which is a sort of abnormal formation of the […]

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Using Hydrotherapy to Treat Your Pet’s Pain

Are you looking for alternative methods for helping alleviate your pet pooch’s aches and pains? If so, you might want to look into hydrotherapy for your pet. What is Hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy is a technique that involves using a combination of water and massage to help reduce swelling and pain. It is similar to a human […]

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The Missing Link In Canine Nutrition.

Imagine your dog in the old days. That’s right, before ipods, libraries and freeways. Imagine your dog as he would have been thousands of years ago. Apart from being a whole lot less friendly, how else do you think his existence would have differed from today?

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Diagnosing Dog Health Problems at Home

Dogs are no different from humans in the way their bodies respond to disease and changes in their environment. When exposed to contaminated food, extreme cold, or infectious disease they can get sick. Dog illness symptoms can usually be diagnosed by changes in behaviors. Weight loss is also an indicator that something is wrong. Although […]

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Super Healthy Dog Biscuits Are Top Rated Happy Pet Treats!

Your dog will heartily thank you for any one of the following scrumptious treats.

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Caring For Your Older Dog: 7 Critical Health Tips

Whether you’ve had your dog since it was a puppy, or perhaps adopted one as an adult, the time comes when your beloved pet could be considered a senior citizen. As with humans, the “golden years” bring out the inevitable changes associated with the aging process. Since no two dogs are exactly alike, there is […]

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