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6 Signs You’re Spoiling Your Pooch

The relationship between an owner and his or her dog is precious, and while most owners strive to give their dog everything he or she needs and more, there are plenty of owners out there that take owning a dog to an entirely new level. Although you may love your pooch, they are still your […]

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iPhone 5 Adapters

In a lot of ways Apple sucks. You’d think that if you buy the “next” version of one of their products, the old version accessories would be somewhat compatible. But, nowadays, that’s just not so. Amazon is the same way with their Kindle products. So, what can you do? You bought an iPhone5, and now […]

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Earth Dog Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar, Apple Green, Medium

Planet Canine Cozy Hemp Adjustable Collar, Apple Green, Medium Adjustable dog collar for medium-dimensions necks 12 to eighteen inches, such as clasp Hemp construction for durability and convenience Fleece lined for ideal comfort and ease Stainless metal fastener for ideal corrosion resistance and clean action Works great with Earth Puppy leashes other hues accessible This […]

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