puppy: Puppy in critical after apartment fire

SAN DIEGO – A family is fighting to save their puppy after a fire tore through their Oak Park apartment on Thursday. “That’s my baby, yes he is,” said Donzella Satterfield as she spent time with her little 5-month-old puppy T-Rex, who is in critical condition. “The dog is still alive, my sons and I […]

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Snapping Dog Takes Over Yuma Family’s Fridge

Snapping Dog Takes Over Yuma Family’s Fridge A dog gave a Yuma family quite a story to tell after it rushed into their apartment, evaded capture and then escaped to their refrigerator. Read more on CBS 5 Phoenix Meridian Dog Food Company Gets National Attention They call their natural food “Dynamite” for a reason. Now […]

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Apartment Search Help

When you are apartment hunting, prepare a rental search plan. Be sure to know in advance what you want in an apartment and what you can live without. Decide in advance what areas of the city you could consider living in and make a list of apartment buildings within that perimeter. Be sure to consider […]

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Try the new Lux Score (R) and see exactly what luxury is in your area!

Try the new Lux Score (R) and see exactly what luxury is in your area! Nowadays people seem somewhat gun-shy with regards to purchasing houses and are instead opting for apartment living. It is just a symptom of the times I guess. So, when was the last occasion you looked for an apartment? Did you […]

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Are Toy Dog Terriers A Good Breed If You’re Moving Into An Apartment?

A reader asked.. I 'm moving into an apartment and moves in a I', m, which is considering getting a dog. I 've been asked what kind of dog is good for an apartment and was informed that I take all the dogs toy terrier expectations. I wanted to check in if. I wanted a […]

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The Gentle Basset Hound – Cherished By Families Everywhere

The Wonderful Basset Hound is a Medium/Large dog that weighs anywhere between 45-75 pounds. Their height usually being 11″ to 15″. The Basset Hound is long and low and their height/weight ratio makes their already short legs look even shorter. In fact, their name comes from the French word “bas” which means low. They are […]

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Elevated Dog Bed or Cozy Cave Dog Bed – Which One You Should Buy

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 A dog should have a bed for napping during the day and sleeping in at night. A bed gives warmth and comfort to your dog. A proper dog bed supports arthritic joints, prevent calluses, gives comfort and a sense of security to your dog. Are you wondering how to […]

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