Dog Whisperer?

Issue by STALKER BLOCK: Dog Whisperer? Does anyone out there look at the dog whisperer and find it as awsome and educating as i do or do you assume various simply because he says the dog is a bestial and not a child so take care of it as just that,which i consent.what about you? […]

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Ways to re-use or recycle people tiny dog poop bags? Can you think of any?

Question by Komika: Techniques to re-use or recycle those small dog poop bags? Can you assume of any? I am an eco-concious man or woman, and like to recycle as significantly as I can. I do not have a pet dog or something, but I’ve been choosing up and preserving these tiny bags close to […]

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What dog accessories do I need?

Issue by Radio Flyer: What dog accessories do I need to have? I’m adopting a dog in 2 weeks, and I want to know what equipment I will want for him? Here is what I’ve believed of currently: Pet dog collar Leash Bed Blankets Foods Toys What else? Ideal answer: Solution by Jeniferyou might want […]

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Would you dress your puppy up in funny costumes?

Query by : Would you gown your pet dog up in humorous costumes? I know Halloween is more than so this problem is a tiny late. But, would you dress your canine up in a ‘funny’ costume or if not, do you assume it really is cruel when proprietors dress up their dogs? Right here […]

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Do you feel stylizing & customizing dog poop bags and dispensers provides to a greater conservation effort?

Query by My neighbor recently but a personalized poop bag dispenser from this website known as Bags on Board. It attributes a photo of the two her and her pup on it, and it appears quite awesome, but what astounds me is that she is now creating a aware effort to cleanup right after Daisy […]

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How lengthy ought to you crate prepare a dog?

Question by Gary: How prolonged ought to you crate train a dog? I have 10 month aged Morkie. My spouse and I leave him in the crate anytime we cannot supervise him. We each really feel that he will destroy the area unattended. I asked my vet and trainers at petsmart the same question and […]

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what is a excellent internet site to purchase dog accessories/apparel?

Issue by live*laugh*consult a person to describe the joke*: what is a excellent website to get dog accessories/garments? i want to purchase my puppy protective sunglasses or goggles for when she goes out on my boat. i would also like to get her pajamas, simply because she gets actually cold at night and often sleeps […]

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Does anyone know of a good book about dog training?

Question by Baba Sd: Does anyone know of a good book about dog training? I am planning on getting a dog, but I’ve never had one before and I don’t know the first thing about training. I want to train it so it doesn’t end up like my cousin’s dog who jumps all over people […]

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Anyone know where to find cheap dog clothes?

Question by #4 due may 29th 2009: Anyone know where to find cheap dog clothes? Im tryin to find clothes for my dog that do not cost alot! Best answer: Answer by Perry JLeave your poor dog naked! What do you think? Answer below!

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Where can I find free sewing patterns for dog clothes?

Question by Erin: Where can I find free sewing patterns for dog clothes? I have a year old Chihuahua. She weighs 5 pounds and I love to dress her. I also love to sew and I want to sew her clothes. If anyone knows where to get free sewing patterns for dog clothes, I would […]

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