How to Give Your Cat a Bath (And Live to Tell the Tale)

Cats typically don’t require any help from you when it comes to “being clean”. They are meticulous clean freaks and spend a ridiculous amount of time preening and primping. Kittens discover at a very early age how to clean themselves – mainly because mom is constantly showing them how. Cat owners rarely need to give […]

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How to Choose Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

The food you feed your dog is critical, so you need to ensure you select the right kind. Customers tend to go through a hard time choosing the right food for their pets. With different options to choose from and factors to consider, you need to take time evaluating your options while understanding the importance […]

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Do Dogs Have Allergies?

Just like people, dogs can be allergic to a myriad of things.  Allergies, in humans and dogs, are actually caused by an over-active immune system. Just like humans, dogs’ bodies are designed to identify threatening materials, substances and foreign bacteria that could be possible diseases and illnesses. Allergies occur when the dog’s body wrongly interprets everyday […]

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Common English Bulldog Allergies

English Bulldogs are a particularly popular dog in England, however few may know about just how many allergies these dogs can suffer from. In this guide we look at the main allergies, and what you can do should you find that your English Bulldog is suffering. Allergy symptoms Because of their propensity towards a number […]

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Review of Pet Protector – A Revolutionary Flea Treatment

If you have a dog or a cat, chances are at some point you will find yourself treating them for fleas and ticks.  Check out these tips to help you with the task. Symptoms of Flea Infestation Common signs and symptoms of flea infestation include biting and scratching – especially near the tail and lower […]

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Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dog Food, 28-Pound Bag

Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula Dry Dog Food, with Brown Rice, Oat Groats, Barley & Peas, 28 Pounds, Vegan : Pet Supplies

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Simple Guidelines For Buying Dog Crate Pads

Almost every dog owner needs a dog crate. They are great for giving your pet a safe place to curl up. You will also need one if you plan to travel with your pet. Dogs in a crate will receive less injuries in a car accident than those without a crate. A dog should never […]

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How to Avoid Dog Allergies

There is nothing more devastating to a family than falling in love with a new dog only to soon after find out that another member of the family is allergic to the dog. Now you are faced with one of the hardest decisions that you will ever have to make. Are you going to get […]

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