Akita Dogs

by JackBunny The Akita dog is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed. Akita dogs are big dogs that need plenty of training to turn them into them a good friendly house dog. Having an Akita dog is not like owning any other dog. This is a huge assertive dog that […]

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Learn More About Akita Information

  You have to admit it, the first you saw that little Akita dog in a pet store, you know you’re in love with it, right? That’s why, it’s now sleeping there like a log in your living room carpet. My, just look how lovely and angelic your Akita dog is but you know very […]

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Would Like To Learn How To Properly Care For Your Akita?

  Akita dogs are the cutest of all pet dogs but with untrained pet Akita, it could be a threat and not a treat for next door neighbors. Leaving your dog running around the neighborhood could end up with angry folks. These cute beagles would sometimes find themselves in the front lawn of somebody else’s […]

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Akita Christmas Cards

(Hint: Move your mouse over the image to see another view. Click on the image for more details.) Akita Christmas! Woo.WOOO! Akita for Merry Christmas! Our Akita Merry Christmas Card is a cool gift for Akita lovers. Celebrate your favorite dog breed. Woo.WOOO! Akita Merry Your dog makes Christmas Merry. Take this fun dog design […]

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Grooming Helps Keep Your Dogs Coat Healthy

Grooming is something most people take for granted. We primp and preen, bath and strive to maintain a good physical appearance. Good grooming habits contribute not only to appearance but to overall good health. The responsibilities that come with owning a dog are many and our pet dogs rely on us to provide them with […]

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Foods Your Pets Should Avoid

If your pets are anything like mine, they may come off as omnivores. My Akita mix is likely to eat anything that does not eat him first. One of my cats has acquired a taste for tomato bisque and all of my dogs enjoy green pepper, zucchini and lettuce. As for my horse, she would […]

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The Akita Dog Breed Origins and History Overview

The Akita, or Akita Inu, dog breed originates from the mountainous northern region of Japan, in an area called the Akita Prefecture. A favorite breed of the Japanese people the dog is valued there as a national treasure and statues of the dog are common throughout the country. The Akita dog origin and history is […]

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The Akita: Unforgettable and Impressive

The Akita is one of the “Northern Breeds”. Characteristically these breeds sport a dense double coat, brushy in nature, with upright ears and tightly curled tail. This type of look is called the “spitz” type and there are many breeds with these characteristics. The majority of these breeds have a lot of guarding instinct in […]

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Is An Akita Inu The Right Dog For You

The Akita, or Akita Inu hails from the Akita region of Japan where they breed has been revered for centuries. Throughout history they’ve been used as flood dogs, fighting dogs and for hunting deer and bear but today many people keep them as loving companions. Introduced to the United States in 1937 by Helen Keller […]

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Akita Training & What To Look Out For

When it comes to Akita training, you probably already know that it can sometimes be difficult to train your Akita dog. This is simply because the Akita dog is a highly intelligent, fearless and spontaneous animal. These of course are wonderful characteristics, but can lead to making training you’re Akita rather difficult. So can the […]

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