Aggressive Dogs


Myth of tolerant dogs and aggressive wolves refuted

The good relationship between humans and dogs was certainly influenced by domestication. For long, it was assumed that humans preferred particularly tolerant animals for breeding. Thus, cooperative and less aggressive dogs could develop. Recently, however, it was suggested that these qualities were not only specific for human-dog interactions, but characterize also dog-dog interactions. Friederike Range […]

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Mother killed by out of control dogs

24 September 2013 Last updated at 10:30 ET A woman was mauled to death by four “out of control and aggressive” dogs owned by her daughter, an inquest has heard. They set upon Gloria Knowles, 71, when she entered her daughter’s home in Morden, south-west London, in October. The dogs had shown “unpredictable and aggressive” […]

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Dogs allegedly attack three people including a firefighter in NW Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A firefighter and two women were injured while fighting off a dog attack in northwest Houston and the owner says he can’t believe his dogs would ever be capable of such a thing. The attack by the two dogs — a 4-year-old chocolate lab and a 1-year-old boxer — happened in the […]

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Guardian Gear Metal Prong Pinch Choker Training Dog Collar with Removable Rubber Tips 18″ (3MM wt.)

Guardian Gear Chrome-Plated Steel Prong Dog Collar, 18″ : Pet Pinch Collars : Pet Supplies

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Aggressive Dogs, Important Tips To Tame Them

Having a dog that is overly aggressive is a very daunting experience specially if you have been used to seeing exceptionally trained dogs on TV. An aggressive dog could be a fearsome sight as you would be witness to a beast whose ancestors practically hunted down other animals for food. These feelings of fear and […]

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Train Your Puppy Early-Group Puppy Training Classes

  Getting an early start to training and socializing your puppy with group puppy classes is a great idea. You can get started early-puppies as young as 6 weeks of age are able to learn new tricks. This is the best time to get him started with learning and socializing so that he grows up […]

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Recognize Aggressive Dogs and Avoid a Dog Fight

This morning, as my dog and I took out regular walk, a loose dog came running over towards us. Normally, that in itself is no reason for alarm. But,because I already was pretty  experienced in recognizing aggressive behavior in dogs,  I could easily tell something about this dog’s approach was wrong. the dog that was […]

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Stopping Dog On Dog Aggression

There are lots of reasons dogs can become aggressive. Dogs are instinctively aggressive. Dogs evolved with a need to be aggressive. In order to feed and protect their families, aggression was a necessary survival trait. Despite thousand of years of domestication, dogs retain the aggression instinct, and if a dog becomes overly aggressive you will […]

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Ways to Stop Dog Aggression

Known Methods to Stop Dog Aggression There are many reasons that a dog might become aggressive toward other dogs.  Some dogs might get nervous or fearful around other dogs.In other cases the dog may strive to be the dominant dog.Under certain circumstances, the dog might be very aggressive since defending its territory is its priority.The […]

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Difficulties Involved in Housebreaking

You should waste no time starting the process of housebreaking your new dog — once you have him home, you are ready to begin. While some people like to give their new dog a little time to get to know the family and the house before laying down the law, this can only lead to […]

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