Aggressive Dog Behavior


The Most Common Dog Training Can Be Solved Right From The Comfort Of Home

Some of the most common dog obedience problems can be dealt with and controlled by proper dog training techniques. Even if you know absolutely nothing about how to train a dog…the good news is you can learn home dog training easily. There are dozens of high quality online dog training courses that will teach you […]

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Tips on Training Aggressive Dogs

Dogs are naturally aggressive. This trait of dogs developed over many centuries ensuring their survival in the wild. Selective breeding and domestication processes have minimised and refined dog aggression. Some tips to help you to understand your dogs aggressive behaviour are below. Why is my dog aggressive? Factors such as lack of exposure to other […]

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A Dog Responds Quicker And Easier Using Positive Reinforcment

A common mistake that many people make when training their dogs, whether house training, obedience training, or teaching them entertaining tricks, is using various forms of punishment when the animal doesn’t do what they want. Shouting at the dog, hitting it and even closing it away on its own for hours are too often forms […]

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Preventing Aggressive Behavior Towards Food In Your Dog

Food aggression is most often seen in dogs who are rescued from homes where they were abused or neglected. Biting, growling, or snapping are all forms of food aggression. When attempting to pat your dog whilst its in the processs of eating it may well turn aggressively towards you.   Self-preservation is the most common […]

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Dog Food Secrets – Confidential Dog Food Report

By Sandra Scott I’ve chosen to review Dog Food Secrets because of my concern over the negative affect of commercially produced dog foods on the well-being of our dogs. Andrew Lewis makes some highly controversial claims in his top selling package, Dog Food Secrets. If even only half of his statements are true, we all […]

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Here’s How To Cut Out Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

If you would like more information on how to cope with aggressive dog behavior, and what you can do about it, then this guide will show you. Specifically, I’m going to discuss why your dog is becoming aggressive, the main types of aggression you’re likely to see, and some valuable tips for training an aggressive […]

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How to Stop Dog Food Aggression

By Sandra Scott If your dog growls when you or your children approach his food bowl during mealtime, you need to be aware of a potentially serious problem. It is essential that dog food aggression be stopped quickly before you or your children are injured by the dog. Dog food aggression is frequently related to […]

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Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior

By Sandra Scott Aggression is instinctive for dogs and everyone knows that dogs can seriously wound humans and other animals. Thankfully, there are ways for dog owners to stop aggression in their dog. It is essential that dog owners who have an aggressive dog make sure that he is given obedience training, before he harms […]

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Prevent Your Dog Jumping Up

When you first get a puppy you may enjoy your puppy jumping up. “Oh, how cute”. But it ceases to be funny when your large dog begins to jump up on people with dirty paws – very embarrassing. So it’s best to nip this behavior in the bud while he is still young. The sooner […]

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Your Guide To Training A Shy Or Fearful Dog

Tell me, does this describe your dog?  He’s very attached to you, but is leery of strangers,  He may go as far as growling and snapping at unfamiliar people or dogs who get too close.  Friends say he’s a “one-person dog,” but actually he’s a shy or fearful dog. It’s important to work on training […]

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