The first kobuviruses described from Africa

An international team of researchers led by scientists at the German Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) genetically describe the first kobuviruses to be reported from Africa. The results show that the viruses are less host-specific than previously assumed. The study has been published in the scientific journal Virology. Current knowledge of the […]

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Anyone Been Scammed By the “Adopt a Puppy”?

by Kris Krug Question by craigandamanda22: Anyone Been Scammed By the “Adopt a Puppy”? I responded to an ad in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, reading that English Bulldog puppies were up for adopton, it would come with a crate, papers, food, and even toys. The catch was that the owner was in Africa, on a […]

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The Africanis

The Africanis comprises a grouping of South African canines not accepted as a breed. It’s thought to follow from ancient ancestry, immediately descended from hound canines and castaway canines of old Africa, brought into the Nile River Valley by the Levant. The Swahili name for the breed is umbwa wa ki-shenzi which means average or […]

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