Affenpinscher Dogs


10 Small Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds that don’t Bark

Welcoming a pet into your home as a friend for a lifetime Is always a dreamy milestone to achieve. But if you are someone who starts to show allergic reactions as soon as you come in contact with the pet, then this dreamy situation can turn into a Nightmare. So, if you are facing this […]

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The Monkey-face Ratter From Germany Is Our Loyal Affenpinsch…

Quite a title eh? Connie Limon supplies us with whatever we require to learn about the “monkey pet dog” Affenpinscher. Delight in! The Affenpinscher does not have an in-depth history of their arrival in America as much of the other toy types have. There was a short article released in the April 1950 problem of […]

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