Pet Therapy For Emotional Support

This post is inspired by the Emotional Support Animal Center, a leading provider of prescriptive animal accommodation letters for both housing and flying. Who could dispute that animals can have a positive effect on emotional well-being? With research being conducted into the field of alternative medicine on an on-going basis, more and more people are beginning […]

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Guest Post: Can Dog Behavior and Dog Health Benefit from Medical Marijuana Oils?

Medical marijuana is showing up in an increasing number of animal cases and not in a bad way. Although eating marijuana has shown to be dangerous for animals, dogs have benefited from medical marijuana oils. Helping a dog through a troubling time or injury can be traumatic and it’s important that we give dogs and […]

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Review: Natural Pain and Arthritis Relief for Our Canine Companions

(See the special introductory launch deal at bottom of this page). This product is new, but has hundreds of years of safety testing! The primary ingredient is Buchu oil, which is extracted from Green Tea plants grown in Africa, and then encapsulated with salmon oil from Alaska. This product provides safe and effective pain relief […]

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Review: K9 Kelp Natural Solution for Dogs

This is a review of K9Kelp, a website devoted to natural kelp based products for your pet. Overview The company, based in Canada, specializes in Kelp based skin and related products for dogs. The products are entirely natural, which means that when you read the ingredients, you won’t need a degree in chemistry to recognize […]

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A New Tug Toy for Dogs

My border collie, Nikki, loves playing tug-o-war, regardless of whether it is with me or with one of the others dogs in the household. I’ve taken old socks, tied them together, and she absolutely loves to play with them as a tug toy. But, since she it a pretty rambunctious dog (after all, she is […]

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A Great Memorial for Your Pet

This review is about, a site with some wonderful keepsakes to memorialize your pet. As I’m sure you are aware, the universe has played a very nasty trick on us pet lovers. Our lifespans, and the lifespan of our pets, are not in sync – sometimes not even close. It’s something we know and […]

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Itching and scratching in dogs can be a a nightmare for pet owners. It can drive owners up crazy, keeping them up all night in some cases. Just imagine how much the dog must be suffering. Constant itching and scratching, biting and licking – leading to a bad situation if not addressed at the earliest. […]

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Laughing Cat Studio

I love great artistic designs that feature dogs. And Laughing Cat Studio has some of the most entertaining designs I’ve seen to date. (And don’t get the wrong idea about the ‘Cat’ in the company’s name. The designs cover all kinds of pets, dogs included). First Look When you first visit, the website gives the impression of […]

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Walking the Dogs

Every once in awhile you run across a website that is just a good, fun read. “Walking the Dogs” is just such a site (it can be found at It’s a simple concept, but brilliant in it’s own way. The author, Mike, tells us about his adventures walking his dog in different areas in and […]

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Have You Gotten Your Dog Culture Today?

Every once in awhile we like to visit and check out other dog websites and blogs. This time we visited what can be best described as a dog social networking site named “Dog Culture”. Some of the services Dog Culture offers: Dog News, Classified Ads, a Pet Services directory, User Groups, Forums, Blogging, and a […]

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