Puppy Training


Puppy Training: Lying Down on the Job

When most people get a brand new puppy they all want to try to teach it something new and exciting for him or her to do. That is a great way to bond with your puppy because it shows that you want to have a great relationship with him or her and they can easily […]

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Puppy Training: Saving Your Furniture

Having a puppy that’s new in your home can be something that is rewarding beyond many different things. Just to come home and to know that even before your hand touches that door, there is a cute and cuddly little puppy standing there waiting for you to come in is something so exciting and great. […]

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Puppy Training: Puppy Pitfalls to Avoid

When it comes to raising a puppy it’s a tough business. You have to be prepared mentally and emotionally to be able to handle all of the incidents to come. It’s a very rewarding thing just as well because if you ever feel like you have accomplished something then this is something to be proud […]

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Puppy Training: Being the Best Leader You Can Be

Puppies are the cutest thing you can ever see. They are innocent and they are adorable. They never get mad and even though they don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, they don’t do things that are malicious. When you first get a puppy you need to take the time and effort to train it […]

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Puppy Training: Reclaming Your Bedroom

Having a puppy and training him the right way is something that should be done and it should be done consistently. There are many dogs whom grow up and think that they can do whatever they want and whenever they want because when they were younger, no one told them what they can do and […]

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How to Do Dog Leash Training

Leashes are made up of cotton, nylon and leather. It is better to use leather leash for your dog as your dog can easily tare into pieces cotton leashes. Nylon leashes can slip from your hands easily and your dog can run away and may affect anyone including you too. Therefore, leather leashes are the […]

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How To Train A Dog To Sit In 8 Easy Steps

Learning how to train a dog to sit is an important task for any new dog owner. Training can begin as soon as the puppy is in his new home. While it may not seem important to teach this to your puppy right off the bat, it is a cornerstone to developing a relationship with your dog. Here are some steps on how to train a dog to sit.

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Training A Dog For Children Now Can Avoid A Problem Later

A lot of people have had negative experiences with dogs and children. Some youngsters don’t like dogs and vice versa which is why training a dog for children is critical if you know that your pet will be around kids. Making sure your dog has a good temperament and can be trusted around young ones can go a long way in giving you piece of mind whether they kids are yours, your sisters or a neighbors.

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Puppy Guide — Preparing For Your Puppy

Raising a puppy is very tough. You need to have the determination to deal with problems when things don’t go your way. That can be a tough thing to do when you are dealing with this very situation for the first time in your life. When raising a puppy you need to already have thought […]

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Puppy Guide — Sectioning Survival

Raising a puppy isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of strength and determination in order to be able to deal with the ups and the downs of having to raise a puppy. The distinction between a small dog and a small child isn’t that great. At that time they are almost […]

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