Puppy Training


Testing an Electric Shock Dog Collar

If you are interested in getting an electric shock dog collar for your dog, there are a few things that you are going to want to be aware of first. Mainly you are going to want to learn more about the argument on whether the electronic shock dog collar is cruel or humane. What The […]

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Correct the 10 Biggest Mistakes That Even “Trainers” Make Separate the Myths From the Facts!

Just by correcting these ten mistakes and misconceptions, you’ll automatically improve your chances of success to a level matching the top 1% of the most effective dog trainers in the world. You may find this hard to believe, but even experienced trainers make some of these mistakes. Yes. I am referring to professionals who train […]

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Useful Tips For House Training a Dog

House training a dog can be defined as a training or guidance which ensures a dog that it is too considered a house member and is liked by other home members. Start your house training a dog by making him free to wander here and there in the house. Do not tie the rope, or […]

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3 Tips For Better Dog Training Success

A lot of dog trainers will tell you that you do not have to correct your dog at all. They believe in positive reinforcement, with the absence of a reward being viewed as punishment enough to stop many unwanted behaviors. However, A dog can sometimes behave so badly that it becomes very hard to change […]

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An Overview of Crate Training a Puppy

Crate training a puppy is easier than crate training a dog as it is younger than the dog and follows your instructions more than dogs do. You can start to crate teaching it by developing habit of staying inside the crate for long time with your puppy. At the beginning, you will face a bit […]

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The Five Easy Methods of Successful Puppy Training. You Can Easily Train Your Puppy Before it is Three Months Old

It used to be the case that dog training courses didn’t begin until a dog was 6 months of age. Twelve months, as believed by some trainers, was soon enough. Most people now believe that the first few months of a puppies life are the most valuable and important time to start training. • Puppies […]

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5 Top Tips For House Training a Puppy

House training a puppy makes a puppy your friend and liked by the rest of your family. Throughout training a puppy, a puppy is assured that everyone in this house wants to be frank with it and wants to pamper it. Never beat or scold a puppy during house training a puppy. Always look at […]

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Have the Right Attitude For Dog Training

When you are training your dog, it should not be uncomfortable for either you or your dog. With the right attitude, you and your dog can have fun during every dog training session. The more fun that you and your dog have during these sessions means that your dog will be motivated to continue its […]

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Positive Dog Training With Dog Training Treats

If you want a well behaved dog that is used to obey commands and listens to you in all kind of situations you need to train your dog and if it is possible you should start training when he or she is still a puppy. A well trained dog is of immense importance to both […]

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How to Do Successful Crate Training Dogs

Crate training dogs are necessary for dogs as when dogs brought up, they can affect you as well as anyone can affect them. Therefore, it is necessary to let dogs to live in the crates but crate training dogs is necessary for dogs as they can come to know about how to live in the […]

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