Puppy Care


Fun Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

After your puppy has learned the basics of dog training, you can now turn your practice sessions into fun. For instance, put your puppy in a Sit-Stay position, back off a foot or two, show him a toy and throw it to him. Try to avoid going for a catch that requires a super hero […]

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Advice On Dog Training Hand Commands

Along with teaching your dog to respond to verbal commands, one can also teach them to respond by using hand signals. When it comes to learning, the different types of dog training hand commands these in the beginning will need to be taught in conjunction with the verbal ones as well. In this article, we […]

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Puppy Training 101

Bringing a new puppy into your home can be an exciting experience, but also will inevitably provide many challenges for the new dog owner. Puppies are as law abiding as they are old. Puppies tend to compensate for their anything goes behavior with oodles of cuteness that results in the owners pandering to the pups, […]

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Stop Dog Barking

Dear Mr. Katz, I have a two year-old female Boxer named Amber and a six year-old female St. Bernard named Crystal. My question is regarding the Boxer, Amber. Whenever my husband and I sit down to eat dinner, watch TV, or when company comes over, she incessantly barks at us. She doesn’t want to play […]

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Adopting A Puppy – What You Need To Know

This was a last minute e-mail I sent to a friend in California, who contacted me only a few hours befote she was leaving to pick a puppy from a breeder she’s been researching. (EMAIL FROM ME, STARTS HERE) Actually, everything looks really good – for a show breeder. And even better, what I really […]

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Choices For Puppy Training Collars

A puppy training collar, in my opinion, is a necessity for anyone getting a dog, just as a regular dog collar is a necessity. The regular dog collar is a simple cloth collar to the elaborate leather dog collar, it’s all about choice with this one. There are several types of the puppy training collar […]

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Testing an Electric Shock Dog Collar

If you are interested in getting an electric shock dog collar for your dog, there are a few things that you are going to want to be aware of first. Mainly you are going to want to learn more about the argument on whether the electronic shock dog collar is cruel or humane. What The […]

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Correct the 10 Biggest Mistakes That Even “Trainers” Make Separate the Myths From the Facts!

Just by correcting these ten mistakes and misconceptions, you’ll automatically improve your chances of success to a level matching the top 1% of the most effective dog trainers in the world. You may find this hard to believe, but even experienced trainers make some of these mistakes. Yes. I am referring to professionals who train […]

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Useful Tips For House Training a Dog

House training a dog can be defined as a training or guidance which ensures a dog that it is too considered a house member and is liked by other home members. Start your house training a dog by making him free to wander here and there in the house. Do not tie the rope, or […]

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3 Tips For Better Dog Training Success

A lot of dog trainers will tell you that you do not have to correct your dog at all. They believe in positive reinforcement, with the absence of a reward being viewed as punishment enough to stop many unwanted behaviors. However, A dog can sometimes behave so badly that it becomes very hard to change […]

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