Puppy Care


How to Teach a Cat and a Dog to Get Along

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting event, but care must be taken if you already have a furry friend who may not appreciate a new roommate. This is particularly true if one pet is a dog and the other’s a cat! However, these natural enemies can learn to tolerate one another and even […]

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What Makes a Great Rescue Dog?

Rescue dogs are frequently used to aid in finding missing people, whether in avalanche areas or in the forest, since they have such a fine sense of smell. Just one dog can do the work of nearly two dozen rescue workers, by covering the same amount of ground in a fraction of the time and […]

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Simple Principles in Dog Obedience Training

Simple Principles in Dog Obedience Training Dogs, even when their breeding is maximized and well-adapted to human needs, will always need some basic obedience training as they would never figure this out on their own. Obedience training requires the use of some principles which differentiate effective training, from training without results. Principles to Learn: First […]

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in Dog Training

Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in Dog Training People who are really passionate about dogs will sometime choose a life’s career in this field so they can use their love for dogs everyday to help them, making it their goal to become a professional dog trainer. Do you fall in the category of […]

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Top Advice On Dog Behavior Training

An early relationship strain will be caused by your dog's propensity to chew Dogs carry out destructive chewing for three main reasons, they are simply bored, they find it pleasurable to do so, or they find it helps get them through emotional times. The nearest human equivalent for which might be to consume a bar […]

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Dog Training Secrets

Normal 0 By Jim Nettleton If you’re as much of a dog lover as I am, you’re well aware that a dog plays a special role in a home. He is part of the family. Just as we train and teach our kids, we should also teach and train our dog. It is a proud […]

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Invisible Fence: Necessary Or Not?

Every dog owner wants to keep their dog safe. This is why many concerned dog lovers invest in an Invisible Fence system. Invisible Fence is an electronic pet containment system. An electrical wire is laid underground along the perimeter of an area. The dog is fitted with a special electronic collar. When the dog approaches […]

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The Importance of Finding a Professional Dog Trainer

So, what makes a professional dog trainer? In order for a person to judge on how each dog is to be handled during a dog training class, they must have experience. This is experience that is more than taking a couple of dogs through the initial rounds. This is the kind of knowledge that is […]

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How To Keep Your Dog Happy

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and I thought I would quickly send this out to you, before I leave for the weekend. We were discussing how to keep your dog’s mind stimulated. Remember: Bored dogs cause problems. If you don’t keep your dog’s mind stimulated, chances are that he’ll find […]

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Housebreaking You’re a Dog

Most puppies that are born in a nest have a natural desire to move leave the nest to alleviate themselves. Pups will do this without being trained as soon as they are able. At the age of three weeks, puppies will start to leave their bed to relieve themselves. The dog owner just has to […]

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