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Pup Can’t Hear You? Try Cleaning Their Ears

What are the chances that your dog is ignoring you because their ears are either impacted from too much wax or have an ear infection? Well we don’t know the exact figures, but if you’ve never cleaned their ears before then it’s a very distinct possibility that your fur baby isn’t just practicing selective hearing. […]

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Working Dogs: Pooches Are Perfect For Beating Bed Bugs!

When you think of pests in your home, you probably think about those creepy crawlies and the frustrating scamper of mouse feet in the late hours of the night, am I right? Well, another one to add to your list is bed bugs. These tiny little creatures are hard to spot – even when you’re […]

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Show Quality French Bulldogs

Show quality French bulldogs have to include several essentials to take part in the competition. It includes the physical characteristics of the bulldogs along with their activeness of mind. The guidelines of the competition are mentioned beforehand for the dog owners and the dogs are examined before actually presenting before the audience in the competition. […]

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Should You Learn Pet First Aid and CPR? It Might Save Your Dog!

According the American Animal Hospital Association, far more animals needing medical attention could survive if dog owners were familiar with correct first aid and CPR techniques if an emergency arises. Dog owners generally do a great job caring for their pets by providing food, supplements, skin care, dental care, shots, and so on. Yet, they […]

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Control and Prevent Dog Ear Infection and Ear Mites in Dogs

Dog ear infection is painful and you can be sure that ear infections in dogs aren’t going to just go away. Whether from debris left by ear mites in dogs or common ear yeast infections in dogs ears, a dog ear medication will be necessary. The sooner you get treatment started, the sooner your precious […]

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5 Ways to Remember Your Dog

View image | Your dog is not just an animal, he or she is your friend, so it makes perfect sense to mark the passing of your best friend.  Finding a memorable and personal way of saying goodbye and to honour their presence is important.  Not only can it be an emotional process as […]

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Review: Rustic Stone Pet Memorials

To most loving dog owners losing a dog is much like losing a member of the family. A lot of pets are devoted best friends and companions and provide people unconditional love and warmth that would be nearly impossible to get from a human. Mourning for the loss of a good friend or relative is […]

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A Very Special Fundraiser

Listen to the Dogfather. Monica is trying to get back on her feet after first being attacked by a German Shepherd, and then getting rear-ended by another driver while she was recovering from the attack. Even with mounting medical and therapy bills, she took it in stride and started a new career as an artist. As […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Picky and How to Fix It

This probably happens to you again and again. You take your furry munchkin to the pet store, and at the cash register, clerk hands you samples of some new treats that are supposedly “loved by all pups in town”. You smile skeptically, but politely accept the treats and hand them to your doggy. Your furry […]

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The Unavoidable Dog Poop Bags

It ain’t fun, but somebody’s got to do it. Right? Some disturbing thoughts: 40 percent of dog owners never clean up their dog’s poop. Ever. 90 percent let their dogs “take care of business” in their own yards, and nearly a third of that group never cleans up after their dogs. Even at home. 80 […]

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