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3 Top Tips for Buying a Dog Bed

Looking to treat your dog to a replacement bed or tasked with kitting the home out ahead of a new arrival? Here are three top tips to ensure you get the right bed for your four legged friend. 1. Dog Breed and Dog Beds If horses have courses (as the saying goes) dog breeds have […]

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Increasing Your Dog’s Fiber Intake

It may surprise you to learn that it is beneficial to add fiber to your dog’s diet, although we all know that adequate amounts of fiber in our own diet is important. Dietary fiber offers your dog some important nutritional benefits, which are only just being acknowledged after it was regarded as a filler for […]

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Consider Designer Dog Bowls

So you just adopted your first puppy. You buy him a comfy dog bed, some fun chewy toys and a doghouse for when he’s stuck out in the backyard. The only thing left is finding him a set of dog bowls. But you have a stylish contemporary kitchen and an ordinary tin pair of bowls […]

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Did you know your dog attracts these pests?

We all love our dogs. They are such great companions, and are seen as equal members of the family. They keep us company and give us a sense of security that is immeasurable. But, our beloved pets can also be the main source to certain pest problems! The presence of a dog in the house […]

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Natural ways to treat fleas that won’t harm your pet

Is your pet having a problem with fleas, but has trouble with harsh chemicals and flea treatments? Then these natural remedies may be the answer for you. Make your own natural flea collar. It’s a great way to ward off fleas, and there is no need to keep reapplying. It will keep the fleas under […]

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How to Choose a Shock Collar for your Dog?

Dog shock collars are electronic devices, which are used for dog obedience training. A shock collar for small dogs are normally quite effective, as they instantly deliver shocks to dogs when they bark too much, misbehave or try to act abnormally or undesirably. These help in discouragement of negative or unpleasant activities. Owners find it […]

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A Quick Guide to Buying the Perfect Dog Bed

There is no perfect dog bed or ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to buying dog beds. Rather, the dog bed that is perfect for your specific pooch will be determined by a number of key factors that you will need to be aware of ahead of hitting the shops to ensure you bring […]

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Diabetic Alert Dogs – Saving Lives

A dog’s ability to smell and detect odors far exceeds that of a human. This skill helps them to find food, detect danger and, with special training, identify when its owner is suffering from low blood sugar levels. The right dogs, given appropriate training, can be taught to not only sense this condition, but to […]

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With QCHEFS You Can End Your Dog’s Dental Woes

QCHEFS Dental Power Cracker neutralize 80% of the bacteria and so stop plaque and bad breath – a species appropriate dental care! 80% of dogs older than 3 years are suffering from diseases of the tooth holding tissues! QCHEFS unique action principle can prevent this. In a scientific study it was shown: Cottage cheese reduces […]

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Dog houses: Necessity or Luxury?

Dog houses may seem like an unnecessary luxury to some dog owners, especially for apartment and city dwellers who don’t have backyards and thus keep their dogs inside except for the occasional walk. But they are vital for many suburban dog owners whose pets spend a large amount of time outdoors. The main reason being […]

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