Dog Training


Q&A: Hello i have a dog and it really needs dog obedience training any help please?

Question by teri s: Hello i have a dog and it really needs dog obedience training any help please? Best answer: Answer by vanecksfamilyWhat do you need to know? Places to go for classes, tips, what? Try adding detail to future questions. Add your own answer in the comments! Aetertek AT-218S Extra Strong Remote Dog […]

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Article: Dog Training Advice For A More Harmonious Household

Article by Greg Riccobelli If you don’t know where to begin with your dog training than you have come to the right article that contains the dog training advice that you need. Everything you need to know is contained in this article, so continue reading to learn more! Familiarity with your dog’s food preferences will […]

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Article: Dog Training Tools and Advice

Well, to begin with, lets do away with the myth that your dog appears to think like a human, they do not. I know this is hard to believe and we all love to believe that our good boy is actually quite smart. The truth is the dog will react to you. You therefore need […]

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Q&A: what is you dog taught in obedience training?

Question by : what is you dog taught in obedience training? I am try to teach my dog some obedience. since there is absolutely no trainer any where near where i live, i have to take it opon myself to do it. so i just need to know what is your dog taught in obedience […]

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Q&A: How much does dog obedience training typically cost for a puppy?

Question by halo_of_venus: How much does dog obedience training typically cost for a puppy? Best answer: Answer by kaseymine cost $ 60 ,,,, but are boxer forgot all of it in like 2 days,, so i taught her all of the tricks on my own Give your answer to this question below! Rechargeable remote dog […]

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Photo: A koala in Cairo, 1915

A koala in Cairo, 1915Image by Australian War Memorial collection ID Number:P00156.031 Cairo, Egypt. A corporal, probably on the staff of the 2nd Australian general hospital, holds a koala, a pet or mascot. Rights Info: No known copyright restrictions. This photograph is from the Australian War Memorial’s collection Persistent URL: Cesar’s Way: The Natural, […]

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Article: Free Dog Training Tip – Proven Tips To Train Your Dog

Every dog owner at one time or another will soon realize the need to use some sort of behavior modification techniques when training their prized pet. In your search for FREE DOG TRAINING TIP, you will find that there are many different dog training techniques that are out there today. But you might ask which […]

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Photo: CO 1069-272-38

CO 1069-272-38Image by The National Archives UKDescription: Dog Train on Road to Dufferin, Winter. Location: Dufferin, Canada; United States of America Date: 1876 This image is part of the Colonial Office photographic collection held at The National Archives. Feel free to share it within the spirit of the Commons. Please use the comments section below […]

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I like: Leather Dog Training Collar with Stars

Leather Dog Training Collar with Stars Leather Dog Training Collar with Stars. This martingale-style collar features a chain loop for pups that require a little extra guidance. Featuring silver stars on black leather, this collar is carefully handcrafted using the finest leathers and is made in the USA. Sizing: S: 14-18 in. L x 1 […]

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Article: The dog Obedience Training – The simple guides

Article by Irem Bright Chimezie Dog Obedience Training ordinarily explains the coaching of any dog. It can include from vital starters training to a superior class advanced level competition in the company of diverse clubs where extra specificity including guidelines as well as performance are assessed and graded. Many dog trainers have a lot of […]

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